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Eat Butter!

It may sound strange to you to be encouraged to eat more butter. After all, many of us grew up being told that butter is bad for us, it’s full of fat, it’ll clog our arteries, and so on. However, that is all changing now as more and more research is beginning to prove that butter is ACTUALLY good for us! How so? The answer lies in one word…fat (and the right kind of fat is good!)

Fat is good for you!  Seriously.

Time.com gives a fantastic explanation in a video that explains how times have literally changed in the way Americans should eat, as opposed to thirty+ years ago.



The previous video explained how consuming more saturated fats is actually good for us. The next video from the Today Show gives another explanation of why we should eat more saturated fats. They got their information from a Time magazine article declaring to “Eat Butter.”


 Margarine is like butter, right?

So what’s wrong with the margarine we have been told to eat all these years? It’s like butter, right? No way! Margarine contains a laundry list of junk that is terrible for your health including trans fats (these are the bad ones), free radicals and bleach (to name a few). PreventDisease.com provides an excellent breakdown of how margarine is manufactured:




Choosing the right brand

Ok, so now that we know that butter is the way to go in regards to overall health, which kind is the best? Organic and Grass fed of course.  The less work our body has to do because of less than stellar foods the better. FoodBabe.com breaks it down for us below:


Have you ever tried it in your coffee instead of cream?  Yum.  Make sure it is organic grass fed and unsalted. No “coffee mouth” and its good for your brain health too.

Kicking old habits can be difficult, especially habits that were developed at an early age. The good news is that the information is out there, and you can make a change at any time to get healthier. Great butter is a good place to start, as it is a staple in many American households.

Make that simple change, your food will taste better and your body will thank you!

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