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Vic and Lisa Johnson founded their first business together in 2004. Four years and many projects later they were married on New Year’s Day at the Barr Mansion in Austin (see the video).

While away at college, their youngest son Carter was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes caused by his lifelong and college eating habits. Then in 2013 Vic was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and advised by his physician that he had developed fatty liver disease and was in danger of developing several other health conditions.

In both cases Lisa went into immediate action. A whiz in the kitchen, she modified tasty recipes so they had little or no impact on blood sugar. She served some of these recipes to party guests in their home who had no idea that they were eating low impact, diabetic-friendly food.

Both she and Vic began intensive research of Type II diabetes and were shocked by some of their findings. For instance, the largest diabetes organization in the U.S. recommends the use of chemically processed soft margarine as a healthy fat!

Using a LCHF (Low Carb, High Healthy Fats) diet Vic lost 55 pounds in seven months, reduced his fasting blood sugar by 8%, reduced his triglycerides by 44% and increased his HDL (good cholesterol) by 33%. He no longer had pre-diabetes or fatty liver and his physician was shocked by his incredible results in such a short time.

The bad information (and bad food) they found during their research, combined with the great results that both Carter and Vic had, convinced them to create Diabetic Kitchen in January 2014.

Since then they have grown to over 135,000 subscribers and Facebook fans along with developing a line of mixes and ready to eat foods that are gluten free with no added sugar, high in fiber, Keto-friendly and low-carb with no artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols.

Diabetic Kitchen is proud to be a part of the entrepreneurial community at The Hub!


  1. Thank you for your brownie mix! I go through at least 2 cans a month. They are the most delicious treat and my body does not have any reaction to it!

    Keep up the great inventions of your wonderful products!

  2. Do have any stores in Michigan or is everything online

    • We do not have any stores. We are only online on Amazon or our site here. We do have some other online stores offer some of our products too. If you order 2 items on DK.com it ships free just like Amazon Prime. Hope that helps.

  3. Your location for the LCHF diet does not have any article about that.

  4. Do you offer coupons or discounts for bulk shipments? I am buying 2 bags of cereal every two weeks from Amazon. It’s only a 5% discount when order on a monthly basis. I love the cereal and eat it every day. As a newly diagnosed type 2 insulin dependent diabetic post kidney transplant in August. I look for really tasty diabetic products and finding your cereal was a God send. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for your comments. Sign up for our mailing list (one way is to get our free recipes book). Then you will get notice of the coupons and discounts we send out. Thank you again for your business!

  5. Hello cousin 🙂 Yep, I’m type 2, trying to settle for being pre-diabetic. A1steaksauce test was 10.0. First finger pricking was 374. Down 20 lbs, and BS#’s range from 125 to 150 now. Initiallly it seemed as though I might be taking insulin shots, but now maybe not. Got to buy a bunch of cabbage and make some sauerkraut.
    I read a bit of the ADA. They are more worried about donations and getting emotionally high by taking a walk in the park. — No parks here. And yep, they aren’t very KETO friendly it seems. Even a light diet of red meat would be bad.
    Anyway, I’ll look this site of yours over, see what and how it works to be here on it.

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