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4 Reasons Diabetics Need Lots of Fiber

Foods with lots of fiber are perfect for people with diabetes. Fiber is found in plants and is the part of the plants that our bodies cannot digest.

Here are four reasons diabetics should focus on getting at least 25 to 50 grams of dietary fiber every day:

  • Fiber controls blood glucose. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that people with a high fiber diet have more blood sugar control than those who follow a low fiber diet.
  • Fiber makes you feel fuller because it adds bulk to your diet and it induces feelings of satisfaction. This keeps you from becoming hungry soon after eating.
  • Fiber stimulates weight loss because it makes you feel fuller without adding calories to your diet. Because you cannot digest fiber, it is a calorie-neutral nutrient. Losing weight through a high fiber diet is a great way to further manage your diabetes and reduce risk of co-occurring chronic diseases.
  • Fiber lowers cholesterol levels. It has long been recognized as a big part of a heart-healthy diet. Because diabetics are at significantly increased risk of cardiovascular disease, eating plenty of fiber is particularly important.

Here are two delicious ways to get make sure you get enough fiber every day. Diabetic Kitchen’s Gourmet Chocolate Brownie Mix and Nut Butter Cookie Mix are low carb, keto friendly and high fiber treats. Try them today.




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