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Crush Sugar Cravings With These Key Tips

Woman craving piece of cake on a plate

Science is continually revealing more and more reasons to stay away from sugar, especially for individuals with diabetes. Increased risks of diabetes complications, heart disease, and cancer have been connected to the consumption of sugar. Everyone knows that in order ...

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Add Some Sweetness to Your Life… Without Sugar!

The first thing a physician usually says after diagnosing a patient with diabetes is “No more sugar!” Diabetics must continually be on the lookout for obvious sugars and hidden sugars in the foods they eat in an effort to stay ...

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The Dangers of Aspartame

Do you struggle with the question, “Diet or regular?” when ordering soda at a restaurant?  Regular soda doesn’t seem like the right choice. It’s loaded with sugar, 8 teaspoons on average, and comes with its own set of health concerns. ...

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