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The Dirty Secret about the World’s Most Popular “Health” Food

The main benefit of convenience foods is… well, their convenience. But a stroll through your supermarket in search for healthy convenience foods is likely to leave you hungry for better options.

And with good reason. These foods are packed with dietary pitfalls that can sabotage your waistline and harm your health.

Even “natural” and organic convenience foods that have shorter ingredient lists and contain no additives or preservatives can pose dietary dilemmas.

And one reason is soy.

This so-called “healthy” ingredient is packed into everything from pizza, pastas and frozen dinners… to burritos and bran cereals… to protein bars, salad dressings and baby foods. Why? Because it is inexpensive and versatile, taking on any shape or flavor the manufacturer chooses.

And since we’ve been led to believe that soy is a healthy alternative to animal protein, food companies are happy to keep using this inexpensive protein source. But the real cost could be your health.

Now, I’m not talking about fermented soy foods – like tempeh, tamari and miso (which I’ll discuss in a moment). Rather, I’m talking about “rendered” soy products including soy protein isolate, textured vegetable protein and hydrolyzed plant protein to name a few. Here’s why…

Soybeans & Gasoline

It takes a lot of processing to transform a fresh green soybean into mock-meat “vegetable protein”. And the process relies on a “secret ingredient”.


Hexane is a byproduct of gasoline. It is used as an industrial solvent and degreaser. And it’s also used to extract edible oils from seed and vegetable crops – primarily soybeans.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), even small exposures to hexane can be harmful to the central nervous system.

So how much is too much?

Recent studies conducted by The Cornucopia Institute found hexane residues in common soy food products ten times higher than what is considered “normal” by the FDA.

And while the use of hexane is strictly forbidden in organic products, “natural” products containing soy proteins are almost always extracted with this dangerous solvent.

Today, however, more than 50% of the “organic” soybeans consumed in the United States are imported from China, where food standards are notoriously lax. In fact, as recently as 2008, hundreds of tons of Chinese soy meal was found to be contaminated with melamine – a chemical that can cause kidney failure and death.

And it’s not just the chemicals used in the processing and the potential contaminants found in Chinese soy products that you should be worried about. It is estimated that more than 80% of all soy is genetically modified and it is also one of the crops most highly contaminated with pesticides.

And don’t forget about the strong hormonal activity of soy. This comes from compounds called phyto-estrogens, which mimic the female hormone and can contribute to weight gain, “man boobs”, and certain cancers.

Soy is also one of the most allergenic foods. It is goitrogenic, meaning that it depresses thyroid function. It contains enzyme and growth inhibitors (which is just one reason why it should never be fed to children).

And it also contains among the highest levels of phytates of any grain or legume studied. Phytates are also known as “anti-nutrients” for their ability to block the uptake of important vitamins and minerals in the intestinal tract. It’s no wonder that vegans and vegetarians who rely heavily on soy products are at risk for pronounced mineral deficiencies.

If you must have soy, stick to fermented soy foods – like tempeh, tamari and miso. And always choose organic, non-GMO sources. Fermentation is how this food was traditionally prepared, and it actually removes the harmful compounds in soy and transforms it into a food that can benefit your health, when consumed in moderation.

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