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managing diabetes at a family thanksgiving dinner

5 Ways to Manage Your Diabetes This Holiday Season

The holidays are coming and ‘tis the season for family, friends, and food! If you or a loved one have diabetes, give these 5 tips a try and enjoy this holiday season to the fullest!

  1. Make a Plan and Stick to It
    • Keep to your routine of checking your blood sugar regularly
    • If you are going to be traveling, make sure to bring your meter and medications along
    • If you’re invited to a meal or a party, offer to bring a healthy dish along
    • If you do fall off the wagon, get right back on with your next meal
  1. Remain in Control
    • Don’t “save room” for the feast by skipping meals – sugar can spike and then crash
    • Use a smaller plate to encourage appropriate portion size
    • Start with a salad or vegetables to take the edge off of your hunger
    • Avoid or limit alcohol. If you do imbibe, enjoy with food as this will help stabilize sugars
  1. Don’t Deny Your Favorites
    • By limiting your portion and how often you indulge, you can still enjoy your favorite dish
    • Choose foods you really love, don’t waste carbs or tummy room for something that isn’t really worth it
    • Savor your meal and focus on how delicious everything tastes. This will slow your eating down and give your brain time to recognize that you are full
  1. Get Moving
    • Staying active during the holiday season can be challenging, but is essential
    • Go for a walk with the family after your holiday feast
    • Inspired by the college football game on the TV? Form your own teams and hit the back yard
    • Physical activity can aid in the digestion of big meals, as well as reduce holiday stress
  1. Get A Good Night’s Rest
  1. An Extra Tip!
    • Don’t forget that this season is about celebrating the joys of life with family and friends
    • Get out there and enjoy the holiday season!

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