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Health Hazards

We are so focused on organic foods, what about the things we cook or store our food in?

What about the products we use in our home?

The truth is, there are many products (not only food) that affect our health and our environment. As you look through this list, think about your life style. Even if you began implementing just three things, your body and ultimately your health will thank you.

Here are some foods and products that you should be aware of in your health journey.



p-beef_s Beef is a protein consumed by many Americans. However, the majority of beef sold in our country is not safe. Why? The reason is that most beef sold in stores today contain hormones that researchers claim to cause cancer, with a higher incidence of breast cancer. Estrogen-like agents appear to be to blame for the link between beef and cancer. When you purchase organic beef, you are eliminating these dangerous hormones and antibiotics often used in the beef industry.



strawberry_s Strawberries are a wonderful food to consume, with many health benefits. The problem with purchasing typical strawberries, however, is that they can contain up to 13 pesticides. These pesticides do not wash off easily due to be trapped in the seed pockets. The good news is that you can purchase strawberries organic, thus eliminating all of the dangerous pesticides commonly found on them.



nonstick_sPurchasing the right kinds of cookware is crucial in making sure that the food you prepare is safe to eat. Non-stick cookware, for example is exceptionally harmful in that it omits dangerous gases, even after just 2-5 minutes of cooking. Your best bet? Purchase stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, or even copper.



p-popcorn_sPopcorn is a very popular (and delicious) American favorite. However, the bagged microwave popcorn contains a harmful chemical used to line the inside of the bag. This chemical has been theorized to cause cancer and negative effects on other bodily systems. This chemical is easy to avoid if you air-pop your corn, or cook it on the stove (using the cookware discussed previously, of course).


Yard Pesticides

p-Pesticide_sIt is true that adding pesticides to our lawns may help to keep the creepy crawleys away, but did you know that many of these pesticides contain possible cancer-causing properties? These pesticides are not only harmful to your pets, but may also remain on your families shoes and even be tracked into your house, spreading the harm even further. You can do a search for more eco-friendly pesticides to help eliminate your risk.

Household Cleaning Products

plastic_sThere is no way around it, the home must be cleaned regularly. However, most conventional cleaning products sold in stores today contain harmful chemicals that come with a host of negatives, including the harm done to our respiratory systems as we breathe their fumes. Organic and non toxic cleaning products offer many benefits, some of which are a healthier home and environment, they may be less expensive (especially when using products already found in the home) and you have more knowledge of what the product contents and health ricks actually are.

Water Bottles

p-bpa_sFor many years, plastic water bottles have ruled the land. The downside to using regular plastic as a container is that it contains harmful chemicals, namely BPA, that leech into your water (not to mention the plastic changes the flavor of your water). There are many brands and varieties of organic water bottles available, including glass, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic.




toothpaste_sMost people use one of the major toothpaste brands sold in our country today. The problem with most of these conventional brands is that they contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which can dry out your mouth and cause canker sores. Not only that, but once that happens bacteria may enter the soft tissue of the mouth more easily causing even more problems. Buying organic is definitely the way to go when it comes to oral health.

Shampoo and Conditioner

shampoo_sLike many other non-organic products, most shampoo and conditioner brands contain chemicals that accumulate over the years, damaging our hair and even increasing our cancer risk. Many organic hair products offer positive benefits, including gently cleaning and moisturizing the hair follicles and skin cells, and even naturally stimulating hair growth.



milk_sThis one’s a biggie, as milk is consumed over the course of a lifetime by many people, beginning in the toddler years. It’s been said if you could only choose one organic food product, it should be milk (especially for your kids). A large reason for this is because milk that has been genetically engineered contains Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). This is used to increase the milk production in cows. What’s the problem? Traces of rBGH remain in the milk and may be absorbed in the gut of the people who drink it. The hormone is known to make cows sick and even be the cause of certain cancers. Buy organic milk.


p_coffee_sWhether relied upon first thing in the morning or savored at mid-day, coffee is a beverage consumed by millions in America. However, many brands of coffee contain beans grown in other countries, which may not have restrictions on the use of chemicals and pesticides. In order to avoid potentially harmful chemicals in your coffee, it is advised that you only purchase brands with the USDA Organic label. There are also different ways of roasting coffee.


apple_sApples are a very popular fruit in our country, as they may be eaten whole or made into a sauce or juice. The problem with apples that are not grown organic is that poisons are used heavily on them to kill everything from fungi to insects. Even if you scrubbed and peeled your apples, you may not be able to remove all of the poisons (not to mention the loss of nutrients once the skin has been peeled).


Food Storage Containers

p_plasticcontainer_sLike the water bottles previously mentioned, many traditional food storage containers are plastic (and NOT BPA-free). Also like the water bottles, this toxin may contaminate your food sealed inside. The best alternative to plastic food storage containers by far is glass. It shouldn’t be difficult to find glass containers, as a few of the popular brands are already making them (with BPA-free plastic lids).  Want to save money?  Save some of the glass containers that you have purchased food in, remove the labels and use instead of your plastic storage containers.


Small steps lead to big results. You will be surprised how these small changes can create more positive responses in your life that will lead to even more positive responses.




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