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Cucumber Flowers with Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese

This is a fun appetizer that is great for a garden party or a Christmas party!

I actually made these for Victoria’s 30th birthday garden party.  So easy.  If you have a small flower shaped cutter then cut your cucumber slices with it.  It’s those small things that make a plate look pretty.

You can make as may of these you want depending on how many people you have attending your party. Or just make a few for yourself. They are that easy.

Gather a cucumber, sun-dried tomatoes in oil, crumbled goat cheese and chives.  That’s it.

Slice your cucumber. Use your flower cookie cutter to make the shape. A benefit is that you do not have to peel them! Place the “flowers” on your selected platter.

Take a few sun-dried tomatoes from the oil and chop.

Chop your chives.  Now assemble!

Top your “flowers” with chopped sun-dried tomato and crumbled goat cheese.  Then sprinkle with chopped chives.

You are done!


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