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Cheese Board

Cheese boards do not have to be heavy on the crackers.  Get creative and find a different way to to get the texture and flavors you want.  You eat with your eyes first so make it appealing.

Serve 2-3 types of cheese.  On this particular platter I chose a raw milk sharp cheddar.  It’s white not yellow.  Have you ever seen yellow milk?  No.  Its a dye.  We don’t need to eat it.

I love goat cheese so it is always one of my selections.  This time I chose Drunken Goat, which is a wine brined cheese. Very mild and semi firm cheese.

Add some veggies.  They give you the crunch you are looking for.  Asparagus, red bell pepper, squash or zucchini all work well with the cheese and some hummus or black bean dip. Add a few grapes to give you that pop of sweetness and you have an enjoyable platter of taste and texture.

Make it colorful.  Remember your eyes eat first!

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