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Forgetful? Boost Memory With These Tips

Can’t remember where you left your keys? Did you forget to put milk on your grocery list… again? Drive right past the gas station on your way home when you noticed this morning that your tank is almost empty?

It can be difficult to remember all those little every-day life things. Sometimes you feel like your brain just isn’t working. However, there are several simple ways to boost brain power, memory, and focus!

The first brain-booster is exercise. Now now, it doesn’t have to be an hour on a treadmill; in fact, new research is showing that even short walks can make a big impact on your health!

From a brain-power standpoint, physical activity increases oxygen levels, boosts the chemical communication pathways in the brain, and decreases levels of stress hormones. Memory and cognitive function can both be improved with even small amounts of exercise.

How about sleep? Like many individuals, you may not be getting enough rest. Sleep is not just for the body, it’s for the brain, too!

Both short-term and long-term memory are improved with sleep, along with information retention. Not getting enough sleep actually interferes with the brain’s formation of new memories. Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night to heal both body and mind from the stresses of the day.

Speaking of stress, relaxation is another way to improve memory and focus. When your emotional mind is relaxed, your physical brain works better! Meditation, prayer, yoga, listening to music, are all excellent ways to improve memory and cognitive function.

Is there a particular hobby you enjoy, like drawing, sculpting, or photography? Believe it or not, hobbies can help with memory, information recall, and improved cognitive performance. Imagine, an activity you do for fun being so helpful to your brain! Pretty cool right?

Now for perhaps the most enjoyable form of memory-boosting: eating! Yes, certain foods can improve memory, recall, and focus. Here are a few brain-power powerhouses to enjoy at your next meal.

Truly one of the most super of the super-foods, avocados offer countless health benefits. Their good fats fuel both brain and body, and their high fiber content keeps blood sugar more stable over time. The folate and vitamin K in avocados improve blood flow, preventing blood clots in the brain. This protects against stroke, and allows for major improvements in memory and cognitive performance.

The antioxidant component of cocoa has been found to battle free radicals, reducing cell and tissue damage. Research has suggested that cocoa’s flavanols (phytonutrients with antioxidant properties) contribute to maintaining a healthy brain and can positively affect learning and memory functions. Findings have also found that cocoa-based products enhance the flow of blood to the brain. Not to mention, cocoa possesses mood-enhancing properties and is rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, and potassium.

Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, salmon is a true brain food! These fatty acids keep your brain running in tip-top shape, improving cognition, memory, and focus. These same fatty acids also help prevent the development of cancer cells and have even been shown to kill them. Be cautious of the type of salmon you purchase. The above benefits can be found in Alaskan wild-caught salmon. Benefits decrease and potential health dangers increase when you choose farm-raised varieties.

The high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals in walnuts improve focus, alertness, and provide a boost of energy. The vitamin E found in walnuts has also been shown to decrease risk for Alzheimer’s dementia. Enjoy a handful of walnuts as an afternoon snack, or add walnut butter to your favorite cookie recipe.

Our brains fuel our bodies, and our very lives. We hope you maximize your brain power using these tips and bring yourself one step closer to living your best health!






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