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glasses of water with cucumber and mint

Stay Cool This Summer With These Hydrating Foods

Cucumber contains the highest water content of any solid food – 96.7% in fact! Delicious in salads, sliced for dipping in hummus or pesto, or pureed with yogurt, ice cubes, and a touch of mint for a cool summer soup!

Celery isn’t just full of water, it’s packed with Vitamins A, C, K and Folate. It’s low on calories, but high on delicious, cool crunch.

Baby carrots are another hydrating snack. Yes, size matters; believe it or not, carrots have more water content than full-size carrots. Dip them in hummus, or this creamy avocado dip made with heart-healthy avocados.

While iceberg lettuce may not have the vitamin and mineral content of other greens, it can’t be beat when it comes to water content. Butter lettuce and romaine are also high in water content. Enjoy more side salads, and put some extra lettuce on those sandwiches this summer. Or as a low-carb option, use two thick, cool, crispy lettuce leaves as your bun!

Radishes are colorful, tasty and super-hydrating. Their crunchy texture makes them ideal for summer salads, and their spicy-sweet flavor is an asset to many recipes.

Tomatoes are packed with vitamins, minerals, and water, as well. Thick beefsteak tomatoes sliced on sandwiches, cubed in salads, or grape tomatoes on wooden skewers with fresh mozzarella and basil.

If you want a hydrating snack, but are tired of celery and carrot sticks, try slices of raw green bell pepper. With a water content of nearly 94%, this veggie makes for a tasty and filling snack.

You may be surprised to see cauliflower on this list. With its high water content, and abundance of vitamins and nutrients, it is an excellent addition to any diabetic’s diet. Cauliflower has gained popularity lately as an alternative to everything from delicious fried rice to pizza crust. It’s cousin broccoli is hydrating as well, and packs a nutritional fiber punch.

Watermelon, on the other hand is likely not a surprising addition to our hydrating foods list. Yes, watermelon contains plenty of water, but is full of nutrition, as well. Interestingly, watermelon contains more lycopene than a tomato! Try cubing watermelon, adding feta cheese and fresh mint for an absolutely stunning summer salad. Freeze fresh watermelon cubes and add them to a glass of water to up the refreshment factor (and up your water consumption!)

Cantaloupe is another melon with high water content, 90.2% to be precise. The sweet, juicy cantaloupe reaches its peak of freshness in these hot summer months, and is a wonderful way to cool down.

Have you ever heard of star fruit? It’s 91.4% water content, sweet, tart flavor, and juicy texture (similar to pineapple) should make it a definite addition to your plate this summer. If not an addition to your plate, try adding it to your glass in a delicious cocktail recipe!

While blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries are hydrating, strawberries have the highest water content of the bunch. Top a bowl of full-fat Greek yogurt with fresh, sweet strawberries, or blend them with yogurt and ice into an icy, cool smoothie.

Our last hydrating food is a fruit of many talents. At 90% water content, the grapefruit is tangy, juicy, deliciousness from beginning to end. It helps to combat cravings, boosts the body’s fat-burning power, and can even help to stabilize blood sugar.

Get out there, enjoy the summer, while staying cool and hydrated with these delicious foods!






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